A better Live-CD

ArisbluBSD is an attempt to build a BSD Live-CD that is not only powerful, but user-friendly and customizable at its core.

Releases at the same time as FreeBSD. ArisbluBSD uses the same version numbers as the FreeBSD version inside the OS.

We are a community driven project, meaning 100% of everything we do is open-source and beginner friendly. No question is stupid.

A "we win together" ideology. We want people to remix Arisblu, not to make another old-fashion BSD distro because they "can."

Built for work

Arisblu is a development focused operating system.

FreeBSD Based

FreeBSD is a powerful and lovely operating system. While base FreeBSD is not 100% user friendly, Arisblu attempts to build a powerful and user friendly live-CD with the best tools possible. We are building on top of a great system.

Built by passionate people

It honestly feels like the distributions of today only exist because someone wanted to look cool in front of their friends. We say no more. Building an OS should be done for passion, not flexing, like almost all other distros do.

Community Support

Once Arisblu gets into stable development, we will open many avenues for documentation, tutorials, and community chatter. We currently only have https://discord.arisblu.com

Open for all

We will give you avenues to get closed-source software, and you will have the choice in what you install and why. We do not lock you in to "it's FOSS or nothing" unlike many other BSD or more commonly Linux distributions.