Doing the job others refused

Other distributions are built to fight and separate, hurting the Linux/BSD/Illumos communities as a whole. We are not for that.

Long-term and rolling cycles at your holding. You chose whether or not you are using a stable package or rolling package.

Kind communities, as we are trying to do more to unite as a kind of "flagship Linux" per se. We unify Linux, BSD, and Illumos.

A "we win together" ideology. We want people to remix Arisblu, not to make another old-fashion Linux distro because they "can."

Built for work

Arisblu is a development focused operating system.

Ubuntu Based

While a boring choice of OS to base off of, Ubuntu is easiest to work with. The fact is to make an operating system developed for the user, you need ease of builds. Ubuntu not only gives us easy tools to work with, it has a large package base.

Built by passionate people

It honestly feels like the distributions of today only exist because someone wanted to look cool in front of their friends. We say no more. Building an OS should be done for passion, not flexing, like almost all other distros do.

Community Support

Once Arisblu gets into stable development, we will open many avenues for documentation, tutorials, and community chatter. We currently only have

Open for all

We will give you avenues to get closed-source software, and a libre-kernel version of our Linux editions might exist sooner or later. You pick how your system works and what is on it, we just provide the basics.